Katatonic Silentio – Disorder [CYBERSPK00]
Various artists united celebrating the opening of Cyberspeak’s bandcamp and the new graphic id.
First chapter of the series, where the identity will be constantly reshaped.



Katatonic Silentio – Lygodium Hydrophilum [BDR004]
Pteris variata is a 4 tracks EP born from a collaboration between 4 different artists. The project is focussed on techno, electronic and ferns.
For each track, we have invented a new scientific name that will be included in future parallel botany.



Katatonic Silentio – Roland System-1 [ONEINST_DGTL005]
In a scenario of an overwhelming number of instruments, musicians often do not take the time to deepen and explore the creative possibilities of each gear they possess. One instrument aims to counter-act this tendency by challenging and limiting each artist in producing a composition by using only one instrument of their choice.

Chosen instrument: Roland System-1
Artist: @katatonicsilentio
Instrument information:
~ From the state of equilibrium it propagates through an elastic material medium ~